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Your custom-made bicycle frame designed in an artisanal way

The work of the ADV focuses on the tailor-made manufacture of steel frames through careful and adapted listening aimed at meeting the most demanding and specific expectations of cyclists.

The ADV also allows you to access the “customization” of various parts through engravings or the personalization of all types of leather accessories!

It is at the same time the singularity and the permanent search for quality which animate and nourish this work. The time given to each piece and the control of the rendering under the expert and vigilant eye of Quentin testify to a sincere and accomplished desire to provide you with quality craftsmanship

Introduction to the craft of frame maker

Build my own framework “, a wish that was regularly expressed to me, and which prompted me to set up these training courses accessible to all.

The idea is that I accompany you and help you in the various stages of the manufacture of a steel frame (Columbus or Reynolds tubes), and this, over a period of five days. For a tailor-made frame of course!

The training takes place in my workshop only in FRANCE (Jujurieux in Ain), a region where life is good! On request, the training can take place at the Cycle Victor store in Levallois Perret (close to Paris).


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