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Discover all of our bespoke bikes

The work of the ADV focuses on the tailor-made manufacture of steel frames through careful and adapted listening aimed at meeting the most demanding and specific expectations of cyclists.

Why make a custom-made bike?

Choosing a production bike is not always easy: the desired material is not available, the bike sizes do not correspond exactly to the physiognomy of the cyclist, the materials used are often basic and therefore not adapted to your constraints. At the bicycle dealer you have of course the possibility of performing a “fitting” and optimizing your settings but this solution is rarely convincing, the frame sizes ranging from 46 to 61 cm. With no more constraints, you have the bike you want, however you want. At the ADV we offer a tailor-made bike built after a detailed analysis of your cycling preferences and the use you will make of it.

What are the advantages of a personalized bicycle?

You choose the size of your frame, and this will save you a lot of hassle, indeed when the size of a bicycle frame is not suitable this results in a loss of rigidity and stability due for example to the extension of the seat post. Comfort, with a standard bike a bad geometric deformation can be felt. But with a custom-made bike this no longer happens. You have a good positioning, your feet, your back and your knees no longer suffer whatever the duration of your outings. The choice of materials, titanium, steel, aluminum or carbon can be offered to you. Steel has the advantage of being durable, strong and very resistant to fatigue. The weight of the steel is under control, the tubes are stainless, light, comfortable and very responsive.