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About l'atelier des vélos

Passion, know-how, creation

The birth of "l’Atelier Des Vélos"

ADV Paris was born from the passion of its founder, Quentin Polizzi: the adventure started with the creation and opening of the shop “l’Atelier Des Vélos” or “ADV” (the “Bikes’ workshop”) in 2008 in the 17th borough of Paris , where Quentin realized various creations and developed several partnerships and collaborations which were up of importance to him.

Thereafter, going into an in-depth and evolution of his passion for bikes, Quentin specializes himself in steel frame-building and, in 2014, the first “ADV” frame sees the light of day.

Today, Quentin wishes to share his know-how through different and various creations and projects dedicated to fans and lovers of bikes, for the pleasure of everybody.

Quentin Polizzi mixes art and cycling

“Some say that in the environment where they work, they have “done everything”, but few will be as legitimate to say so as Quentin Polizzi. Quentin has been immersed and worked in the bicycle business since he was fourteen. Apprenticed in a bouclard on Boulevard Sébastopol in Paris, at the age of 18 he became manager of the Allo Vélo store, specializing in rentals. When he opened his own shop, l’Atelier des vélo (ADV), he was only 23 years old but he had already discovered all the aspects of the job. One fine day – missed act? -, he breaks the neck of the femur. His absence generates a certain disorder in the accounts, which he measures on his return. It then occurs to him that he has only taken three weeks of vacation in three years. And that life is to live it, and not just to work. So he pulls the curtain. And parachutes into a “self-employed all-rounder”, in connection with three Parisian shops with very different registers: for the bicycle store, the triathlon store and the BMX creamery.”

Quentin Polizzi